Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And so it begins . . .

And just like that . . . it's time to pack up and go.

My mom has been feeling well and looks great. We've been taking a walk once a day--its a nice way to connect and keep us both active. She's been home, being creative, and out and about, within reason. We even headed to the delicious little bakery in San Juan Bautista on Saturday with the kids in tow.

My mom hasn't had much news from UCSF in the last two weeks so she called to check in. They asked if she could be there tomorrow to get a pick line in and start melphalan. Just like that! One minute you're eating lunch, the next your butt is in high gear to get ready for an extended hospital stay.

BAM!, a smack upside my head--that is pretty much how I feel. It's so easy to forget (or in my case, ignore) what is up ahead. My mom and I have one of those relationships where we talk every day, sometimes several times a day. We do lunch, we walk, we sew . . . together. We'll talk or text, but knowing she's not home is the hard part for me. I'll miss her.

She's really upbeat, however, this is simply my gripe. She wants to get it over with so that she can get through the tough part and be done. I want that too. So I'll take the kids over there tonight to say goodbye for now--they'd be devastated if I didn't.

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