Friday, January 24, 2014

Transplant update

No news is good news, right? My mom hasn't yet been called about coming back up to UCSF for transplant. She wants to get it over with, but at the same time it'll be a pretty lousy few weeks.

She's healing well--the blood counts are up. She's still not heading out to the grocery store or running out to Costco. She's been busy sewing and coming up with craft projects. She's taking daily two-mile walks and trying her best to make this time at home as normal as possible.

Interestingly, a family friend who also has Multiple Myeloma and is getting ready for transplant at UCSF mentioned to the doctor this week that he knows of 8! people in Hollister with Multiple Myeloma--that is 8 people he has met. What if there are others?

While we know that this is an environmental cancer (not genetic), why have there been no studies done on its origin? As my mom and I were discussing this she made an excellent point: "Do I want the doctors who treat me to spend money to find out how to cure me or where the cancer comes from? I chose cure me." I certainly can't argue with that.

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