Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2--start chemotherapy

January 2, 2014

My mom and dad headed up to UCSF today for Cytoxan, the chemotherapy drug that will start the transplant process. My parents stayed up there for most of the day while they infused the drug along with saline. This particular chemotherapy drug is tough on the kidneys. My mom will need to drink 2 liters of water a day for the next two days to flush her kidneys. If she cannot then she'll have to go back up to UCSF to be admitted. (She's been practicing--that is a lot of water.)

Unlike the last transplant (10 years ago), we texted throughout the day. If she was sleeping, my dad texted; if my mom was awake then she texted. She ate well and was not nauseated. She said that she felt woozy, but otherwise okay.

Thankfully my mom kept meticulous notes on the treatment last time and notified the nurses that either the anti-nausea drug or the Cytoxan gave her the "worst headache of her life." I took the same anti-nausea drug during both my pregnancies and not once did it give me headaches. We talked and determined it was likely the Cytoxan. So the nurses were prepared. They wanted to keep her comfortable. So my mom had some caffeine via coffee (not a drip). It seemed to help. She is dealing with a reasonable headache. (Yay, for small victories!)

This time my mom received a medication to help with the after-effects of the chemotherapy. She received a drip earlier tonight and will take pills for the next dose--they're to lessen the effects of the drug from bone pain to sickness to anything else.

It's amazing how far stem-cell transplantation has come in the last ten years!

And . . . I must admit that being able to text throughout the day helped me cope while she was 90 miles away in the hospital.

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