Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6--Day 5

Maybe my memory is imperfect but my mom seems so much better this time. True, she is much healthier than last time, but I'm still very surprised. I expected her to be exhausted.

This Sunday she wanted me to come over and help with a computer issue. I was very surprised when she was in her sewing room preparing to work on my last curtain panel for the family room. She had been out to the airport for lunch with my dad and to the store a few hours before.

I was thinking about the differences between this time and last time, and this, while very heavy chemotherapy, feels much more like one of her maintenance therapies.

Tomorrow my mom will start the Neupogen shots. She'll get one shot each for 6 days. The Neupogen will increase her blood counts quickly. If all goes well she'll start apheresis (stem cell collection) next week. Then she'll get two weeks off to rest and the transplant begins. Transplant is the riskiest part, of course.

She'll have to stay at USCF for 2-4 weeks, until her counts come up enough for her to come home. Then she'll have to be home with limited human contact--no family gatherings, no grocery store shopping, no visitors, etc.

*  *  *

This weekend my mom had pictures of her hairless head from the last transplant. The girls had a hard time at first. It scared Samantha a bit, but on a second look they were curious and fascinated. They brought the pictures home and hung them in their rooms. So when she does loose her hair it might be easier for them. 

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