Friday, January 17, 2014

Waiting for transplant

My mom was able to harvest 6.5 MILLION stem cells! The body is an amazing thing.

Pre-haircut powwow
My mom finished up on Wednesday, had the catheter out, and made it home in the evening. Now she'll stay at home for a week or two until her counts go up. She didn't need a second transfusion although her platelet count was borderline. She is healing slower than normal for her, but normal post-apheresis. She still has to stay away from people (large crowds); otherwise, use common sense.

On Wednesday night Samantha started crying during dinner. She was having a difficult time just knowing that my mom was at UCSF. I think a lot of it had to do with not being able to see her and touch her. So I texted my mom and asked that she send us a picture. Samantha's spirits perked right up once that picture of my mom came through.

Thursday was the first day in over a week that my parents didn't have to drive up to San Francisco. They slept in! My mom asked if Samantha would be willing to skip ballet that day--her hair was falling out and it wasn't going to wait.

I took the kids to my parents house to give my mom a Mohawk. Then they shaved her head. She thought it might be easier on the kids--she was right.

Samantha's turn

Alyssa's turn (with Papa's help)
Lovingly--my dad cutting my mom's hair


Touching Gammy's buzzed head!

My girls and my beautiful mom!
So now we wait until she has to go back to UCSF to receive her stem cells. Then she'll stay for a few weeks. Until then we intend to spend as much time with my mom as we can. 

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