Friday, April 4, 2014

I was bummed the other day when I discovered that I had slept through a very exciting and loud thunderstorm. I love thunderstorms because they are few and far between here in my part of California. And although we need rain desperately, I think the weather is making me blue.

Worse than winter blues, this weeklong rain has made every morning a drag. I feel unhappy, grumpy, just plain blah. Today the sky was light and I felt happy. Not soon after the rain started again.

I'm looking forward to the sun and the heat that will grace us this weekend. Hopefully it will light a fire under me, take me outside, and fill my backyard with laughter.

Although I have a small window in my home office, I enjoy taking my lunch outside on the patio for a bit of vitamin D. Some days, after work, I steal into the backyard and sit against the back of the house, facing south, and open a book. I long for that warmth on my face as I read and the sounds of neighborhood swirl around me.

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