Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer of her life

While it hasn't been my ideal summer: it went too fast and I didn't get to spend all that time with the girls, they've had a wonderful 10 weeks.

It started with their ballet recital. Samantha and Al starred as Annie and Daddy Warbucks! The next week followed with theatre camp--Alyssa's first time. Then we and a quieter week with swim lessons followed by a week of stay-cation activities. The girls then asked for two weeks at vacation bible school, which they loved! And we've wrapped it up with three weeks of Summer ballet intensive where both girls found out that they've moved up to the next level. Oh the squeals of delight!

In the middle there my brother, Kevin, and his girlfriend, Tara, took Samantha camping in Big Sur. I can recall less than 12 hours after Samantha was born, Kevin was holding her for the first time and he said "I can't wait to take her camping and to teach her how to surf." Now that she's 9 he figured that she was mature enough to spend a few days away from mom and dad and head 2 hours away.

I missed her, but not for one second did I worry--she was in good hands. So they drove down to Andrew Molera to camp, played in a nearby river, hiked, and, best of all, she got to paddle out on Sand Dollar beach on a long board with Kevin and ride the waves. She stood for a few and fell more often than not.

When she came home she was full of stories while Kevin and Tara looked a little beat. Heck, it's hard keeping up with a 9 year old's energy and appetite!

Kevin brought along a GoPro camera to film Samantha's firsts. He wasn't able to catch her standing on a board because he didn't have the camera mounted, but this was enough . . .

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. I was elated that she got to experience these things.

Here is a short video of Samantha's firsts in Big Sur:

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