Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday night--a rough week for me. It's been very busy at work and Samantha has been off school. She did go to Tanya's twice this week, which helped. She was busy with Al or my mom otherwise. The weather was fantastic through Wednesday. Thursday it was cold and back to the reality that we're still in the middle of winter. We were wearing t-shirts and played outside until 7 a few nights.

I keep reminding myself that we have a few more weeks until the time changes. I think it will make all of us much happier. It's funny how we all get tired of the winter soon after it begins.

Last weekend Samantha was begging me to come outside and "grow something." We planted 18 snow pea and 18 snap pea plants seeds. They got a great head start in our backyard. We also planted basil, chives, cilantro, and parsley that will live in the kitchen window. The parsley and chives will be able to go outside, but the cilantro and basil are too delicate.

I managed to get the painting finished on the armoire. The main piece is finally in our bedroom without the doors. Those are still in the garage waiting for a "rough up" to antique. It was quite a feat to get the armoire in our bedroom. It is taller than the door jamb and very heavy. We did a lot of maneuvering to get it in our room. I think it probably took us 45 minutes. It looks great--so much more substantial than the tiny, 5 foot armoire we had in there before. We have huge vaulted ceilings in our room that quickly dwarf furniture.

We're really enjoying watching the Olympics. It's always a sad thing when it's over. It's so easy to get excited about the races. The other night I found myself holding my breath during the speed skating!

Nothing new on Al's job search. However, he's been working to revise his resume. Let's hope that he gets some bites!

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