Friday, April 9, 2010

Goodbye baby years

It's official--the crib is gone and in its place is a bed.

We were struggling with Alyssa for a few days. She was screaming and inconsolable in the morning because she didn't want out of her crib. We didn't understand the attachment, although she asked to start sleeping with a pillow last week. She actually moves around much less with the pillow.

I figured the new bed would be just what she wanted, but Al wasn't too sure. So in one day while she was at daycare, we removed the crib, changed the room around, changed the curtains and pictures. When she came home we led her to her "new" room. She responded with "whoa." Her own bed! She's super happy. No more screaming baby. She climbed out of bed this morning and ran to eat breakfast. She's so happy to be able to climb in and out when she wants.

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Savoring the moments said...

Cute room!! I love the painting/ vinyl stickers on the wall.