Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've been such a blogging slacker this last month. It's been a busy one.

We were able to take a vacation and drove to Arizona to spend time with my Grandparents for my Grandma's birthday and Mothers' Day. We had so much fun. I love that my kids love to go, and for the most part don't mind the 9.5 hour drive each way.

Al and I got to spend our 6th anniversary by ourselves: dinner and a movie. It was nice and relaxing.

Samantha turned 5 and had her last day of school on the same day. I took advantage of the school party and brought cupcakes. She got to celebrate with all her friends, I didn't have to throw a party, and we weren't inundated with presents. Yay Mommy! On Wednesday she graduated from preschool. She thought that she'd get to start kindergarten the next day.

I get a year off from preschool and then Alyssa will start. I admit I'll miss it, but I get to dedicate a years worth of volunteering in her kinder class. I can't wait either. Then maybe I'll run for school board again in 2012.

Al is keeping busy with Samantha, job hunting, and his new "honey-do": making a TV cabinet for our family room. We have this small nook for a TV and all the components, but it is too small for anything store-bought. So my handy, dandy Dad is teaching him how to make furniture. And then I get to do my favorite part--the finishing.

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