Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alyssa had her two and a half year check up yesterday. She's doing well at a whopping 25 pounds! She is 35 inches tall. She was actually happy to see the doctor yesterday. She lay on her tummy on the table and the doctor rested his arm on the table next to her. He just looked at her while he talked to me. She was mesmerized. It was so cute. It might sound weird to everyone else, but I've known her doctor since I was a teenager, not as a patient, but as a friend. I used to take care of his kids when they were as young as my two.

Samantha is a beautiful and happy sponge. She is sucking up everything at school. Saturday afternoon we were playing in her room and she was "reading" me a book. All of the sudden she jumped and said, "Mom, look at all the popcorn words! Those are the words that Pop out at you: like, love, and, the." She was so excited that she stopped "reading" and started looking for every popcorn word she could find.

She's also started writing simple sentences like "I love you. I see you." And her favorite, "I like James." Yes, we're already crushing on a boy. It's so funny. Yesterday afternoon she was telling me how she told him that she talks about him with her mommy and how she told him he was cute. I stared at her with a huge smile on my face thinking how beautiful she is. It was just one of those "awe", as in I'm in awe, moments.

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