Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Christmas Spirit

So far this has been a pre-Christmas week like no other. Usually I'm on vacation, kids are still in daycare, and I have endless hours to cook, clean, wrap . . . you get the picture. This year I've got two kids with a nasty virus, a disabled husband, and I'm working full time. Add in between supervising a team of 6 people, asking my boss to hold while I clean vomit off my two year old, and scheduling breathing treatments I have managed to keep my head on straight. Albeit, I did go outside today (make-up on!) with a cowlick on my forehead, but I put myself together.

I had to scrap the idea that I'll have Christmas Eve dinner just perfect. And I sure as heck won't be making (cootie-fied) Sugar Cookies with my kids, but it's not a week I'll soon forget. I sure can't remember now why I didn't take this week off work, but I guess I had more important vacation days with the family this year.

As I write this, my two year old is asking "why" to everything and coughing on the laptop. Oh, they joys of motherhood! And to think after all this, I still have the Christmas Spirit! Ho, Ho, Ho.

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