Thursday, December 23, 2010


So today was my last day of work before "vacation." Samantha had an appointment to make sure her breathing meds were on track and she was improving. A-okay, but the darn appointment was in Santa Cruz. We left at 10 and finally got home at 2:10. Just enough time to run in the house get the other child--Alyssa--and tote her off to the doctor while we waited another half hour. Ugh.

People are complaining left and right about how busy the grocery store and Target are before Christmas. Try getting seen by the doctor, folks. And I didn't bitch about it! (Now doesn't count.)

But I stuck it out because I couldn't imagine 4 days with my kids so unbearably sick that they look like they should be in the morgue (Alyssa). And once again mother's intuition won out. So Alyssa gets at least a week on steroids--oh, Lord! This kid has amazing energy on her worst day and steroids will just about double that. Holy smokes! I sure hope I'm ready for this because she's never been on the 'roids before. She could be hyper, which is hilarious, or the abominable snowman, which sucks.

I guess I'd better charge the video camera so I catch it all tomorrow when she starts to tear open those presents. So Santa, please don't put any coal in her stocking because she's really a good kid, but those 'roids . . . Try 'em sometime and you'll be as productive as you are now with a little Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny mixed in.

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