Saturday, January 22, 2011

One child lighter

Tonight Samantha gets to go stay at my parents house. And I'm totally excited. Will she miss us? Maybe, but she'll get spoiled by Papa and Gammy. She'll milk them for ice cream, Mickey D's, and whatever else she can.

Is Alyssa jealous? Heck, no. She really can't understand the concept of spending the night away from home yet. She's just thinking about the undivided attention she'll get from Mommy and Daddy. And I'm thinking about all the snuggling I'll get in.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but sometimes I worry about how much less undivided attention Alyssa gets being the second child. Take for instance yesterday--Samantha got to spend a few hours with Papa learning to ride her bike without a training wheel. Alyssa did not want me to go get Samantha. She wanted me all to herself. I can't blame her. I want her all to myself sometimes too. Just like I want Samantha all to myself.

So today I took Alyssa while I got the car washed. We walked to the pet store and stared at puppies. Two of them just bounded over when they heard her voice. "A child, a child. I wanna play."

I can't wait for tomorrow morning, when I don't have to be at the beck and call of two kids, but I get to show Alyssa what it is like to be a true princess for a day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The D Word

Two days last week Samantha's teacher told us she was worried about Samantha. She was falling asleep in class and not completing her work. Mind you, the child is just like me--complete nerd, so this is really out of character for her. The teacher is well aware of the missing thyroid because I count on an extra set of eyes when things start to go awry.

So when Friday rolled around, I got a call from the school that Samantha was falling asleep on the bench at lunch and didn't want to play. The multi-tasker in me had the pediatrician's office on the line before I even got out of the driveway. After a stat order and an A-okay on the blood test (thyroid/brain function normal), Al and I started to analyze things to see if we could narrow down a culprit. Was it the fear stemming from the earthquake swarms? Was it her food intake?

Well the latter fit best. Samantha is a pasta and meat kid. She hates vegetables and fruit, and really I could go on and on. But after the stat order request the doctor wanted to physically observe her, check weight and height since last visit--all indicators of hypothyroid. Everything was in the clear and then the big bomb came.


I assured him that we have been observing her--carefully. We notice when she gets sad and upset or worried. His main concern was how she is handling the aftermath of Al's heart surgery. And he was not far off the mark.

Last week I went into work. Al took Samantha to school, but I was at home when she left. The stress came when I wasn't at home when school was over. We adults might think it unnecessary or irrational, but for her it is totally plausible. Daddy kissed her goodbye and four hours later he was whisked off in a helicopter and away from home for a week.

She saw me collapse into sobs at the dinner table and there were a few nights when I didn't get home until after she was in bed. The possibility of Daddy never coming home, never giving her kisses again was real. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to be 5 and know that there was a good possibility my daddy might never come home.

Overall, Samantha seems to be coping the best she can. She is a wreck when one of us is hurt or not feeling well. We know why and while her fear will never totally go away, she'll learn to cope.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Forget New Year's Resolutions--Let's talk Summer Resolutions

So I think we've come pretty darn close the to Perfect day today. I woke at 7 and ran off the the grocery store before the kids and Al woke--even before the sun rose. At 8 we arranged to run off to Natural Bridges with my parents. It has been one of those beautiful mid-winter days where you get to trade in the long sleeves for a t-shirt.

Alyssa was dressed about 10 minutes after I told the kids we were going to the beach. She couldn't wait to "wim" in the waves. But we had Monarch butterflies in mind first. There were actually a lot fewer butterflies this year--the mild weather has already prompted them to move north.

My mom and I spent an hour with a girl on each hand running into and away from the waves. We were waiting for low tide so we could head over to the tide pools. Wave playing is usually Al's job, but all considered, he decided that the blanket was the best spot for him.

It was there and then I decided I needed a Summer Resolution. See I don't make new year's resolutions because I'm practical and I know I won't commit totally, but with a Summer Resolution I might. I better get this two-child, mid-thirties body into bikini shape. I have a feeling we'll be spending most of our Summer weekends at the beach. And I won't be tanning on a blanket.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where's my momma?

I thought I'd try out a new chicken recipe last night which called for chicken to be browned in the skillet and then put in the oven. Time was up and I took the stainless steel skillet out and set it on the stove. Cue the bird-brain. I turn around to do something else grab the skillet by the handle and nearly melt my fingers together.

I haven't burned myself that bad since high school and even then it was minor. I quickly picked up the phone, being the rational person I am, and called my momma. She knows what to do, I thought. She gave me instructions for immediate care while I put my hand under the water. Shortly after she came over with a roll of gauze to wrap me up.

What would I do without my momma?

Yes, I'm nearly 34 and still need my momma to make me feel better.

You know you're jealous!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Diaper Fairy

On New Year's Eve I called the Diaper Fairy and asked her to work her magic. In the morning I pulled out a pair of panties and Alyssa started bawling. After five minutes she realized that she got to pick out any pair of Minnie Mouse panties she wanted and conceded. Success!! So she used the potty for the next two days. We still had to put on a diaper for #2 (some odd fear there) but overall things were going well.

Then Monday rolls around and it's back to our routine--sort of. Alyssa didn't go back to daycare until Tuesday so she stayed home with us while Samantha was finally off to school. We had an accident at the Doctor's office at 10, then we had an accident at 11, and another shortly after. Alyssa decided that under no circumstances was she going to comply. Ugh!

Sure, I could have pushed the issue a bit more, but I did have to work and couldn't manage a screaming child and conference calls. Out came the diapers. Later that day Alyssa says, very matter-of-fact, "I pee peed on the floor," as if it's some great achievement. I look at her and ask, "So, do you think it's okay to pee pee on the floor?" "Yes."

I guess I'm the one not ready to deal with this because I've given up. I figure that I'll try again when she turns 3 in March. I won't be working 60 hours a week and definitely won't be a pushover.

Two points for Alyssa: One point for Mommy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Wrath of Alyssa

It's amazing how a two year old can make life hell. I don't know what I did to deserve the wrath of Alyssa, but it's in full fury right now. Today I decided I couldn’t take any more. Just when I thought I was going to scream until my throat hurt, I took a deep breath and walked away. I closed the door on her somber face and took Samantha to school.

You wouldn't think that is such a big deal, but this is Alyssa's favorite part of the morning. She loves to walk into class and help Sissy do her jobs. So when I got back home, Alyssa had given into daddy and was dressed and waiting for me to pick her up. Of course she assumed that I would take her to school, instead I dropped her off at daycare.

I keep trying to figure out what I did. Could it have been that she is upset now that we are back in the "routine"? She did get to spend two weeks at home with me. Or could it be that I called for the diaper fairy too soon? Well that didn't pan out anyway! Oh well. I am trying to look forward to my weekend, but that means no break from the fury.