Friday, January 7, 2011

The Diaper Fairy

On New Year's Eve I called the Diaper Fairy and asked her to work her magic. In the morning I pulled out a pair of panties and Alyssa started bawling. After five minutes she realized that she got to pick out any pair of Minnie Mouse panties she wanted and conceded. Success!! So she used the potty for the next two days. We still had to put on a diaper for #2 (some odd fear there) but overall things were going well.

Then Monday rolls around and it's back to our routine--sort of. Alyssa didn't go back to daycare until Tuesday so she stayed home with us while Samantha was finally off to school. We had an accident at the Doctor's office at 10, then we had an accident at 11, and another shortly after. Alyssa decided that under no circumstances was she going to comply. Ugh!

Sure, I could have pushed the issue a bit more, but I did have to work and couldn't manage a screaming child and conference calls. Out came the diapers. Later that day Alyssa says, very matter-of-fact, "I pee peed on the floor," as if it's some great achievement. I look at her and ask, "So, do you think it's okay to pee pee on the floor?" "Yes."

I guess I'm the one not ready to deal with this because I've given up. I figure that I'll try again when she turns 3 in March. I won't be working 60 hours a week and definitely won't be a pushover.

Two points for Alyssa: One point for Mommy.

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