Monday, March 7, 2011

Third time is the charm

I've been MIA: drowning in work and too tired to do much of anything. Things have finally calmed down and I'm resuming life. It's taking me a while.

For the third time, we attempted to potty train Alyssa and we were finally successful. She's been such a big girl and we couldn't be prouder. She's grown leaps and bounds in the last couple of months--she started to get embarrassed at daycare when she was getting her diaper changed in front of the other other kids. I think that and the fact that we've been talking about preschool had a lot to do with her readiness. She also sat me down (yes, she's almost three) and bargained with me: "I go potty. I want a Barbie from Target." I agreed. Heck if she can bargain that well at 2.11 years then I can surely indulge. So today we went down to Target and bought a Barbie of her choice. She was so excited and radiant with joy that everyone around her was smiling.

We also found out that Alyssa will do anything for chocolate. So for #1 she gets a few M&Ms or M.O.Ms as she calls them. :)

I can say that I'll be glad when diapers are gone. Potty training can be so stressful. This third attempt was definitely easier. I just had to let go of any emotion. Alyssa did scream and yell at me for at least 30 minutes on Saturday because she was scared of #2 in the potty. I just let her yell and be mad a me and when she was ready she cuddled with me. She had a nice sore throat afterward, but she needed to get it out of her system. When I wouldn't budge she moved on and today she was ready without any hesitation, hence the Barbie.

She wants to go see her Great-Grandma tomorrow to tell her she went potty. I wish it were that easy, but it's 9 hours away. So Grandma, Alyssa can't wait to see you and tell you about her "accomplishment."   :)

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