Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st Grade and Preschool

Samantha started 1st Grade last week. She had a rough first day--I think it had to do with the guilt over the uneaten sandwich. By day 2 she was eager to go back--as if I was really worried. The first week was homework lite--only one math sheet which she can do in a few minutes. We're finally up to at least 25 minutes. Thank goodness.

I am one of those mothers who thinks that homework should be challenging, even at first grade. Last year, as the end of the school year was near, Samantha's homework was severely inadequate. She was through it so fast I wondered why the teacher even bothered.

This week Samantha received a reading log, much like last year, and is expected to read or be read to 20 minutes each day. She wanted to read me easy books for 20 minutes. Instead I made her take out one of her more challenging books and read to me. Begrudgingly she chose a Baby-Sitters book (earlier years of the Baby-Sitters Club that was popular when I was a preteen). She's read me at least 2 chapters each day. Meany, huh?

Alyssa started preschool today. She had lunch by 10:30 and was dressed by 11. School started at 12. She was so excited she wanted to help Daddy prepare her lunch. She was upset before we left when she discovered that I did not make her a sandwich or a pig-in-a-blanket. She thought she was going to get a second lunch. It took a few minutes to convince her that she wasn't going to be that hungry before she let me zip up the raisin/peanuts and the grapes.

We found her cubby, put her stuff away, and then she turned to me and asked, "Can I go play now?" She was so ready! I told her I was going to leave and go back to work. For about 20 seconds she looked like she was worried and then she asked, "Can I stay and play with Mrs. Higgins?" Once I said yes, she was ready for me to leave.

When I went to pick her up she ran out and said, "I had sooo much fun!"

It really is so much easier with the second one. I had to smile when I saw another mom wiping her tears as she left her baby behind.

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