Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can you tell school started? The lack of posts says it all.

The girls started school last week. They had three minimum days and then Samantha went to full time. Alyssa won't go the full day until September. She's ready.
Samantha's teacher was in school for two days to meet the kids, but is on maternity leave now. The kids are happy with their substitute teacher.

Alyssa loves her teacher and her classmates. She's reconnected with a friend from preschool 3s who is now in her kindergarten class. They love to hold hands. (I love the innocence at this age.)

We're trying to get our lives straightened out. And schedules are going to change again in September when Al starts coaching football and the girls resume ballet again.

On the bright side we've been successful at getting out of the house at 7:30 every morning. With new security procedures surrounding drop off and pick up, we have ample time to walk to class before the first bell rings. And Samantha gets 5-10 minutes on the playground.

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