Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Al and I have been pushing reading homework a bit more this year as Alyssa's learning to read. We typically let Samantha read her own books and then ask for a synopsis, but her teacher made some excellent points about why we should be more involved: comprehension and correct pronunciation. And this year I made the policy that the book has to be approved by me because Samantha will read the same book over and over again and try to count that in her reading log.

At first she grumbled that she didn't want to read the book I picked, but about the third chapter in she admitted it was a really funny book. She asked if she could read me the remainder of the book.

This week Samantha and I have been reading Treasure Island. Some nights we'll each read a page and the next night it might be that we trade off chapters. I do stop and ask questions when there is subtle figurative language or a deeper meaning. And we're practicing those good 'ol context clues, but she's getting it! We are having a blast reading together and I get to read children's classics that I've never read before. (We're a third of the way through Little House in the Big Woods, too.)

Last night Alyssa picked a book out and asked Daddy to read. The book is a Level 1 or Early Reader. I think it has a whole whopping 5 words in the story--lots of repetition, obviously. Alyssa picked up the book after Al read it once and tried to read herself. And she did. 

The excitement on her face said it all! She read it to me several more times and then excitedly announced that tomorrow she wanted to learn to tie her shoes. 

More than the reading is the bonding--the quiet time set aside to be with each of our children, one on one. 

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