Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'm grateful that I'm Samantha's mom. I dreamed of her long before she was born. My baby girl. 

We've come a long way in 8 years. And she's taught me so much about life without even knowing it. 

Samantha had a rough start to life. Seemingly healthy, we soon found out that she needed a little help. 

I'll never forge the helplessness and pain in my being when I played the answering machine on day 7 of her life. I'll never forget the doctor's voice telling me Samantha didn't have a thyroid and my doctor would contact me. In two minutes, I had searched the Internet and the medical book. All that stood out to me was "mental retardation."

Now, at 8, she's thriving, smart, beautiful, caring, sensitive, and creative--everything a mother would desire. And best of all, she's mine!

I love that she stays up too late most nights because she can't get enough of the written word. I love that she gets 100% on every spelling test and is proud of that. She loves with all her heart and soul. 

I am excited to watch her grow, although sometimes I wish time would stand still. 

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