Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Recently I went on a field trip with a class of kindergartners. They were all very excited, of course.

We had a couple of rambunctious ones in our car. Granted they're children and they are easily excitable, but some of the behavior surprised me: from cussing to screaming to emptying juice boxes on the driver's seats.

As we were heading home and I'd finished reprimanding some of our passengers, I sat back and thought about my own kids.

I guess we might be strict, which is laughable to me and my husband. I've come to realize how well behaved our kids are--they're polite and contentious.

As I set their dinner plates at the table and we sat down to eat, I told them just how much I appreciated them and how proud I was of their behavior. I acknowledged that I can sometimes be strict, but that they are good kids.

My kids then launched into a conversation about the third grade class where someone said the "S" and "H" words. Curious, I let my oldest tell her sister what they were: "Shut-up" and "Hell." I laughed a little inside--oh, how innocent they really are.

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