Thursday, May 29, 2014

Within a week I've and three migraines, the last of which has left me desperate and emotional. I hope, desperately hope, that I did not pass this on to my two girls. Yesterday, as I tried to apologize for sleeping on the couch and hushing them off to their rooms, I began to cry. They understand I don't feel well, but are both young enough where they hope that when I wake up I'm all better. They still need me a lot, but they try to be as helpful as possible. 

They've seen me with headaches, but not often like Tuedsay's ongoing doozy. They quietly went into Samantha's room to do their homework and draw while I slept on the couch. My parents took Alyssa to ballet, but before that, Samantha was trying to put her hair in a bun. They helped around the house, too--all for me.

Headache patterns like this--one on top of the other--are too much for me to handle. They leave me feeling depressed. I'm treading lightly with everything from the food I eat to how much light comes into the house. And I start treating everything as suspect from the jalapeƱos to salt to strobe lights on the TV.

This time, I'm going to try to back off and eat only natural, plant based foods, and slowly back off caffeine. I hope it works.

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