Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Today was Alyssa's kindergarten graduation (pics to come). It was cute and sweet and of course I got choked up when they sang a song with their Faith Partners. But after the ceremony we were the first family out the door. That didn't hit me until we were halfway home. Are we anti-social?

I dropped Alyssa at the classroom door most days and talked with a few moms on occasion--I was a visual presence at least. But each day I run home after drop off to log in to my computer and begin work. By 8 am there are usually several requests for information or work to be done or meeting preparation to make.

I'm not used to lingering around and conversing with other parents. Maybe it's that I don't allow myself that luxury or the "go-go-go" is so ingrained in my brain that I forgot what it's like to socialize.

Part of me felt guilty afterward, but I can't really pinpoint why. I wonder deep down if it affects the kids when we don't socialize. Do we teach them to isolate themselves, to be anti-social?

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