Saturday, June 14, 2014

My baby is growing up--Alyssa is out of Kindergarten! Next year she'll be on the big kid playground and sitting at a desk in the main building. She'll be down the hall from her big sis and involved with all the fun stuff at school. How fast the time has passed.

Her graduation was short and cute as they all danced and sang. Their Faith partners joined them for the last song "What a Wonderful World." I thought I had it together--I was certain I wasn't going to get choked up. I have to say it's very difficult taking pictures through tears. Each 6th grader and their Kindergartner opened a poster during a particular verse in the song. It was something they'd created together. It was beautiful.

The week before Alyssa was sad as she told me they were having their last mass of the school year with their Faith partners. She was so worried that she'd never see her partner again. The relief on her face when I told her that her partner would stay with her through her First Holy Communion in 2nd grade.

I am happy that my girls love school so much and love all aspects of their school itself, from their teachers to attending mass with their Faith partners to spending every day with their classmates.

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