Sunday, March 23, 2014

Alyssa reads

Over summer Alyssa was nervous about entering Kindergarten because she didn't know how to read. I tried unsuccessfully to assure her that she would learn to read in Kinder and no one expected her to read the first day. 

Fast forward to February and the beginning of Dr. Seuss season. She picked up Hop On Pop and realized that she could read it all by herself. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I drove straight to Target after school to the Dr. Seuss book display. She picked up Hop On Pop and opened it up right there and started reading to me. I had to steer her through the aisles while I finished my shopping and she kept on reading. The lady at the check stand kept her page while she scanned the book and Alyssa picked up right where she left off. 

I couldn't stop smiling. There is something beyond magical when a child finally gets it--it's almost like you can see their brains growing those connections. 

Alyssa picked up Green Eggs and Ham one night and read the book to me. She stopped in the middle and said, "I love Dr. Seuss. He helped me learn to read." Indeed he did. 

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